About Østerberg

We have a heart beating for great taste, which we enjoy sharing with our customers.

Østerberg Quality is an international supplier of high-quality fruit based food service products. Our company is based on more than 85 years of experience within fruit based raw matierials within the Orana Group, an international company within the industry of fruit based raw materials for beverage, dairy and bakery products.

We strive to be innovative, proactive, trendsetting and in constant development, in order to keep offering products accomodating consumer needs in taste, convenience and functionality.

Great taste is not just that. It is also a social construction tied to local raw materials and traditions. With 11 sales offices and innovation centers and production sites in 5 different parts of the world, Østerberg has a firm grasp on the trends and wishes in most markets.

Østerberg Quality has found a place in the market worldwide, by supplying high quality fruit based fruit crush, glaze, popping juice balls, sauce, syrup and topping & filling characterized by product safety, convenience and cost advantage.