Konjac Balls


Østerberg Quality products consist of a wide range of fruit based products for the food service and catering industry, varying from Sauce to Syrup, including specialities such as Fruit Crush and Topping Filling.

Østerberg konjac balls, also referred to as white pearls or crystal boba, is a translucent beverage topping. Konjac Balls are a healthier snack version than bubble teas as it contains low calorie and low sugar.
Konjac is a root vegetable that grows in parts of East Asia. It’s known for a rich source of soluble dietary fibre known as glucomannan.

Selection of Østerberg Konjac Balls variants:

Brown Sugar


Salted Caramel

Salted Coffee

Salted Kalamansi


White Konjac

Østerberg Konjac Balls are sold in 1000 g buckets.