Popping Juice Balls

popping juice balls

Østerberg Quality products consist of a wide range of fruit based products for the food service and catering industry, varying from Sauce to Syrup, including specialities such as Fruit Crush and Topping Filling.

Our fruit based popping juice balls (also known as Popping Boba) are a perfect add to a fruit based drink or as decoration on desserts. They add a fun kick to the drink or dessert, but mostly, they add an explosion of taste. With the right mix, our popping juice balls can be the most important ingredient in your fruit based drink.

The Popping Juice Balls are packed in liquid with main ingredients: Water, fructose, sucrose etc. It keeps the outer layers sweetened and protects the Popping Juice Balls from popping in the bucket during transport.

Selection of Østerberg Popping Juice Balls variants:


Blueberry / Chia

Blueberry / Nata de Coco


Kiwi / Chia

Kiwi / Nata de Coco


Lychee / Chia

Lychee / Nata de Coco


Mango / Chia

Mango / Nata de Coco

Mixed Berries

Orange / Mandarin

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit / Chia

Passion Fruit / Nata de Coco


Peach / Chia

Peach / Nata de Coco



Strawberry / Chia

Strawberry / Nata de Coco

Østerberg Popping Juice Balls are sold in 1000 g buckets.